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About Us

EMF Simulation Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company incorporated on 27th October 2011 under Certificate of Incorporation No.945754-A. Dedication to R&D and commitment to technological innovation is the Company's foundation business strategy. The Company maintains in-house state of the art research laboratories that facilitate the rapid development of high-quality, advanced Telecommunication and Broadcasting Systems.

Our strength in Wireless Solutions, RF, EMF and System Integration are well recognized by industry players and end-users globally. Our highly qualified engineering teams develops and design the most advance state-of-the art technologies and tools to ensure the success of ourselves and our clients in their respective fields.

We are in Asia Pacific market leader in the provision of integrated spectrum management systems and their integration with monitoring systems and Wireless Services. At the same time, we develop and market software for the design, planning and optimization of broadcast, mobile and microwave networks. Strategic consulting, radio engineering services and training on network technologies, standards, and regulations as well as transmitter installations and measurements complete our area of expertise. 

EMF`s operates locally in Malaysian with subsidiaries and affiliates in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippine. Our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Solaris Dutamas Level U3, No:1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Core Business

EMF`s provides various solutions and professional services primarily to large enterprises, Telecommunications Operators, and Broadcaster. The Company's core business include:

  • EMF Simulations
  • Broadband Test and Drive Test (LTE/3G/2G)
  • IP network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Bandwidth Optimizer
  • Application (Software) Development
  • Packet Transmission Devices
  • IT Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Research and developments

EMF Technical Support
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We also have a complete solution for wireless and service assurance solution for 3GPP, SS7, VoIP and IMS. Our solution also included Field Tester, Protocol Analyzer, Base Station analyzer, RF & Signal Analyzer, Cable & Antenna Analyzer and Drive Test. As networks become more complex, the requirement for a dependable tool to inspect them inevitably becomes crucial. 

We believe can provide a comprehensive solution to the telecommunication vendor, telecommunication contractor, education institutes, network operators, ISPs, Corporation and Government.
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