Occupational Safety and Health
ITU International Standard

Safety in electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (relating to environmental electromagnetic compatibility) 

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Compliance Implementation

Cost effective implementation of RF safety measures

After the compliance status of a base station is determined through generic rules, numerical computations or RF measurement control measures can be implemented, if required, to ensure RF compliance. Apart from the RF Awareness Training service and EMF compliance assessment tools EMFSB also offers compliance implementation services.

These services are usually performed in consultation with mobile operators and property owners. EMFSB has a wealth of experience in the efficient and cost effective implementation of RF safety measures that typically includes access control, RF signage or re-engineering.

Other services offered include network support services such as BTS site audits for network optimization.

Rooftop BTS site warning signage and exclution zone indication. 

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Documentation Reports:

  • Measurement report
  • Site compliance certificate
  • Site management report