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FieldSENSE 2.0 Personal RF Monitor

FieldSENSE 2.0 Personal RF Monitor

The FieldSENSE 2.0 is the next generation in Personal RF Monitors specifically designed for protecting personnel working near broadcast and telecommunications transmitting antennas from EMF overexposure. With a frequency range of 50 MHZ - 6 GHz, the FieldSENSE 2.0 measures both H and E fields to accurately assess an exposure situation. FieldSENSE 2.0 Personal RF Monitors are designed for tower climbers with its fall-detect and alarm system, harness fastening strap, wrist strap, and "grippy" design features. The new data logging feature records all of your measurements, that can then be viewed by connecting the RF monitor to your computer with a USB cord.

The FieldSENSE 2.0 replaces the FS8500 with many new updates and features. For more information, view the User Manual, Spec Sheet, and Rebate Flyer under the Downloads tab.

New Features:

  • Data Logging: E & H field data logger records all your measurements and can be accessed by USB connection to your computer. Software download available online.
  • Both H and E fields are measured to accurately assess a given exposure situation
  • Isotropic: Total of 6 orthogonal E & H field probes to ensure all sources of radiation from all angles are correctly measured
  • Fall-Detect Alarm: An integrated fall detection system will sound an alarm should you accidentally fall. This will attract the attention of colleagues to immediately initiate rescue actions
  • Rugged Design: Special co-molded enclosure with a poly-carbonate base layer and outer TPU layer
  • Make voice notes, and save them to the FieldSENSE to retrieve at a later time
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries 
  • Zipper case with molded foam insert included
  • Frequency Response to ICNIRP (1998), FCC (NCRP) OET65 (1997), Canada Safety Code 6 (2015)

Personal RF safety monitors designed specifically for the mobile network operator industry. Whether you need to protect trained RF personnel or untrained contractors working on base transmitter station sites we have a unit for you.

The fieldSENSE units are robust, reliable, intuitive and cost effective so as to be issued to all technical personnel working near mobile telecommunication antennas. These units are calibrated to the ICNIRPexposure guidelines, with the fieldSENSE Occupational and fieldSENSE Public units matching the two tiered ICNIRP occupational and public guidelines respectively.

Official website: www.fieldsense.com