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Video/IPTV Solutions

SysMaster’s IPTV solutions allow real-time distribution of TV channels, Video-on-Demand and other video content over broadband IP networks, such as the Internet. They enable providers to capture lucrative business opportunities by offering triple play services, delivered to their subscribers over broadband lines. SysMaster’s IPTV solutions fully support the delivery of bundled video, voice and data services over IP networks. A major benefit of our IPTV solutions is that they are fully integrated as all solution components are manufactured by SysMaster. Such level of integration drastically reduces integration costs at the service provider level and allows providers to launch IPTV offerings quicker.

Video/IPTV Solutions

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Solution - enables providers to leverage on existing global Internet infrastructure and deliver TV channels, Video-on-Demand and Per-per-View services to subscribers over IP networks. 
PTV Solution for Cable Operators and ISP Providers - enables Cable operators and IPS providers to deliver IPTV channels, Video-on-Demand and Per-per-View services to their subscribers over IP networks.
Hotel VODware IPTV Solution - enables hotel operators to offer Video-on-Demand  and services to their guests.
Digital Signage Solution - enables providers to manage digital signage networks.
Content Delivery with Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solution - enables providers to deliver video content over public networks and protect the copyrights of content owners.