Occupational Safety and Health
ITU International Standard

Safety in electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (relating to environmental electromagnetic compatibility) 

Members of International Bodies


In collaboration with International Telecommunication Union, MCMC developed the ITU EMF Guide & Mobile App

The EMF Guide and mobile app is available online at http://rfemf.mcmc.gov.my/ituemfguide  or via the iOS and Google Play app stores.  The Mobile app is designed for smart phones, tablets or desktops. 

The purpose of the EMF Guide is to provide information and education resources on electromagnetic fields suitable for all communities, stakeholders and governments.  It offers an introduction to EMF and the relationship with health, as well as the various internationally agreed guidelines and standards designed to ensure safety in the use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies. 

The primary reference on EMF and health is the World Health Organization (WHO).