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EMF Assessments

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Wireless communications technology, such as LTE/UMTS/GSM/TETRA cellular radio systems, Broadcast, WLAN and WiMAX, has raised concerns about possible adverse health-effects in humans. To protect against the potential health effects government regulations placed limits on public and worker exposure to radio frequencies set out in national and international safety guidelines, standards and regulations. To ensure public and workers safety, measurements, simulations and evaluations of human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are essentially.

EMF`S offers to national regulators, operators, municipalities and all other stakeholders which control the human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) the complete portfolio of EMF studies, based on EMF predictions, measurements and monitoring. These are based on the standards of the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (short ICNIRP), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the EU Commission.

EMF Testing / EMF Assessment / EMF Consulting Services

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EMF Simulations Sdn. bhd. offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services to address EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). EMF`s are certified and use professional, certified testing equipment which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies. 5 Hz – 1 MHz in the Low frequency Spectrum. We also cover high frequency Radio Frequency EMF to be discussed in the Radio Frequency testing section.

EMF Site & Safety Zone Analysis

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With this analysis the safety distance for occupational and general public exposure around a transmitter site can be determined with re-specs to International standards. EMF compliance calculations deter- mine non-compliance zones very accurately and display them in 3D on the building model. The safety zones can be predicted for yagis, grid antennas and for a single or several multi-band antennas on one site.

■ Performance of scientific-technical EMF studies

■ Determination of the safety distance with respect to the standards (e.g. ICNIRP)

EMF Signage and Exclusion Zone

This analysis allows computer-based EMF simulations and predictions of entire radio networks sections. The network wide analysis includes the field strength and the cumulative fraction of exposure limits for all common radio services, such as broadcast and telecommunications.

The calculated exposure results can be overlaid on street maps or Google Earth to show the fraction of expo- sure limit at a certain location in a city.

Also different network designs can be checked and compared from an exposure point of view.

Antenna and EMF Radiation
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From emf simulations, access network, mobile back haul to core network, we have a solution to provide the best cost effective and efficient way to characterize and testing, from simple to complex network.