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As today’s consumer increasingly demands mobile services, innovative service providers are looking into technological solutions that will allow them to cost effectively deliver mobile Internet access to subscribers. An increasingly popular solution is the deployment of large scale wireless (WiFi) mesh networks which allow unprecedented coverage and bandwidth throughout whole cities or metropolitan areas. Such solutions enable users to access the Internet from any point within the network and experience uninterrupted service even if they move within the network boundaries.

Leveraging on its technology expertise, SysMaster has developed cutting-edge wireless products that encompass all key elements of modern wireless mesh networks, including billing servers, access controllers, access points, bridges, and wireless adapters. Those products include VoiceMaster® ISP Billing, wSwitch Access Controller, CellNode M100, CellNode M1, CellNode M2, CellNode M3, CellNode M4, CellNode BR, and CellNode BRAP.

VoiceMaster® ISP Billing is a robust and feature rich billing server that allows ISP providers to authenticate and bill their subscribers in broadband and/or wireless environments.
CellNode M100 is a unique wireless device that is designed to operate in WiFi mesh infrastructure with central management and provisioning, and built-in network optimization.
wSwitch Access Controller is a wireless network appliance provides dynamic session authentication, client session management and traffic and bandwidth optimization for wireless networks built with CellNodes.